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                          About Us

                   The owners of Quilty Pleasures welcome you!
                                              Kathy Tanner
What an honor it is for me to be serving the women of Simi Valley through fabric, sewing, fellowship and more. I am a home school Mom, a pastor's wife, a grandmother, and now a quilt shop owner. I grew up in Danville, IL and moved to California in my
I worked at Countrywide Home Loans for almost 15 years and then decided to home school our son. My husband Steve is the Pastor of the The Well Christian Fellowship here in Simi Valley. My husband and I have always been involved in ministry/outreach throughout our marriage. Several years ago we were involved in running a food pantry in El Rio (Oxnard area) and now have committed ourselves to serving the Lord here in Simi Valley. Now God has blessed me with expanding my ministry work by opening up Quilty Pleasures.
Our vision for this shop is to provide a loving, warm, inviting place to "hang out". A place were fellowship combined with our love for fabric, sewing and other crafts makes this shop like no other. Thank you for being part of our family and I look forward to lots of joy in 2012.
                                      Shannon Strull

I have been living in Simi Valley since 2002 and I am blessed with a son and a delightful grandchild. In addition to being a mother, grandmother, and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, I love to quilt. I made my first quilt in 1981 and gave it to my brother, imagine my dismay when i went to his house and found my quilt being used to cover up a missing window pane! The quilt was, unfortunately, falling apart. Seeing my quilt falling apart made me realize I had been using inexpensive, poor quality fabric from you know where. Soon after, i visited my first real quilt shop and learned what a difference it makes when you create a quilt with high quality fabric that is meant to last. I am happy to report that since i began using high quality fabrics from retailers like Quilty Pleasures I have made dozens of quilts and all of them have stood the test of time. 

I met Kathy Tanner, my business partner, when i went to a new church in simi valley in october 2010. Not long after I discovered she had just taken up quilting. A year later when we learned the only quilt shop in town was closing down we decided to go for it and open up a shop together, and it has been an amazing journey so far. Our shop has become a place for women to gather and minister to each other. Nothing makes me happier to see women inspiring each other and enjoying the creative expression that comes with quilt making. We wanted to create a welcoming environment that went beyond a retail experience. We have exceeded our expectations thanks to the wonderful community of women that make up Quilty Pleasures. 

                                     Meet our staff!

                                          Mary Hill
I have been sewing most of my life and have tried many different crafts like painting, wood carving, beading etc., but when i discovered quilting I immediately fell in love, and i haven't stopped quilting since. Since my whirlwind love I have worked at several quilt shops but none have quite compared to Quilty Pleasures. My husband David and I have 5 wonderful children and 6 amazing grandchildren. 

                                          Becky Berg

I've sewn all my life. Made some of my daughters clothing and shirts for my husband. i first tried my hand at quilting in the late 70's. I found a book that showed a star. I used that 'pattern' to make a gift for my sister. My first 'quilt' was a toilet seat and tank cover! I took a class from Mary Brewer in 1983. We hand-pieced a sampler quilt. Mary convinced me to enter it in the Ventura County Fair. I won a Blue Ribbon! I was hooked from the beginning- I don't do clothing anymore! When I first tried applique I didn't care for it. I preserved and now I LOVE it. Its my favorite form of quilting. I have taught applique classes. I have also designed several patterns, which I sell. They are all applique of course! (some piecing) I have 'worked' in several quilt shops since 2000...Quilt Station, Candy's, Quilters Country Cottage and now Quilty Pleasures.